PSP Real View V-Screen Depth Enhancer
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PSP Real View V-Screen Depth Enhancer

PSP Real View V-Screen Depth Enhancer
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For PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 & "Slim"

The PSP V-Screen's unique optical technology was first developed for the medical world, to enhance the depth cues hidden in existing images. Now PSP users around the world can experience this Depth Enchancement Technology. Experience a deeper world for your PSP. V-Screen offers you an enhanced viewing experience, adding a deeper dimension to your PSP games and videos. The V-Screen is sure to breathe new life into all your old PSP titles. By enhancing the perceived depth of the 2D screen image, the V-Screen makes any PSP game look and feel far more realistic and exciting. It is particularly effective on racing and platform games as users are drawn into a faster and more exhilirating experiential adventure. In addition, many of the fine details show up far better on the screen which means scores are likely to improve. Engage your senses and experience the V-Screen and feel the difference.

V-Screen combines RealView’s unique optical technology with a sturdy case that will have the added benefit of protecting your PSP. A light, portable and consumer-friendly attachment, the V-Screen is a ‘must buy’ accessory for any gaming fan.

New Patented "Depth Enhancing Optical Technology
-See greather depht with depht enhanced graphics
-New kind of 3D experience
-No glasses needed!
-You feel like you're "really there" - participating action
-Everything looks more realistic
-Games, Films, Sport and Music Videos are more interesting and enjoyable
-Works with all your existing games (no modification needed)
Easy-realease Thumb Latch
-Easy to use
-V-Screen glides effortlessly into viewing position
-V-Screen can be clicked back safely into the case for storage
Big Screen
-"Big Screen"experience with a hand held device
-Easier to see game details (e.g. sports games)
-Easier to read small print (e.g. game instructions)
Sturdy Case with Silicone Cushion
-Protects PSP
Good Design
-Sleek lines
-Easy access to PSP ports and functions
-Same size as average case
Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Included
-Keeps your V-Screen and PSP sparkling clean
Light shilded by back of V-Screen
-Easier to see the image in bright conditions
Anti-Reflection Coatings
-Better image, fewer reflections

What's in the Box

  • V-SCREEN including rugged ABS protictive case and Easy-Flip thumb catch
  • Silicone cushion insert provides a perfect fit for PSP "Slim" models
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth keeps your V-SCREEN and PSP clean

Dimensions: 250mm (L) x 130mm (W) x 52mm (D) (9.8” x 5.1” x 2.1”)
Gross Weight: 240g (8.5oz)
1-year limited warranty
Made in Ireland

Flip your V-SCREEN and dramatically enhance your PSP viewing experience!


 Dispatched within 24 hours (Mon-Sat) 

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PSP Real View V-Screen Depth Enhancer
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PSP Real View V-Screen Depth Enhancer
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PSP Real View V-Screen Depth Enhancer
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PSP Real View V-Screen Depth Enhancer
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